Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ottochain?

Ottochain is a community-based appchain, powered by the Octopus Network, that aims to redefine web3 by prioritising community inclusion and fostering collaboration among individuals and startups in the decentralised world.

How is Ottochain different from other blockchains?

Ottochain stands out with its strong emphasis on community-driven governance, security through Restaking with NEAR, and its unique interoperability with both NEAR and Cosmos ecosystems, offering unparalleled connectivity to various blockchain networks.

What are the benefits of building DApps on Ottochain?

DApps built on Ottochain can leverage the power of both the EVM and NEAR ecosystem, enjoying enhanced security and seamless interoperability with multiple blockchains, providing vast opportunities for adoption and growth.

How is governance handled on Ottochain?

Ottochain's governance is fully decentralised and community-driven. Token holders and the Octopus Nation collectively participate in shaping the platform's future through voting on proposals and decisions.

How are developers incentivized on Ottochain?

Developers on Ottochain are rewarded with a percentage of transaction fees for each transaction executed on their smart contracts, giving them ongoing royalties for their contributions.

How can I connect my blockchain to Ottochain?

Ottochain offers interoperability through NEAR IBC and the Adaptive IBC of Octopus Network, enabling seamless connectivity with other blockchains, including Cosmos chains, EVM-based blockchains, and Polkadot parachains.

What is Restaking, and how does it enhance security?

Restaking is a concept unique to Ottochain, where we utilise NEAR as collateral to enhance security and incentivize node providers with NEAR and $OCT tokens, making the network stronger and more secure.

How can I get involved in the Ottochain community?

You can become part of the Ottochain community by participating in our events, joining our social media channels, contributing to discussions, and actively participating in community-based initiatives.

What is the role of the Octopus Network in Ottochain?

Octopus Network is the foundation of Ottochain, providing the underlying infrastructure and support for its innovative features, security mechanisms, and community-driven ecosystem.

What is the token supply of $OTTO?

100 Trillion with 50% of token supply available as airdrop to the entire community

Would there be multiple rounds of sale?

No, only one round and this round is available to the general public to participate in

How can I participate in the Ottochain Airdrop?

Details about the airdrop and how to participate will be announced on our official channels and website. Stay tuned for updates and follow our community guidelines for eligibility.